Company events


Green Advancedtech Solution Corp. still continues in extending opportunities to the young Filipino community by offering the developers a great chance to be deployed in any of the company offices located in Japan. The company have started its offer since 2016. They were carefully handpicked by the senior developers in Japan in terms of technical aspects and by the Office managers in the Philippines in terms of characteristics and work ethics.

In preparation for deployment to Japan, the company provides comprehensive training which includes daily Nihongo speech and writing practice for communication with the Japanese superiors. Upon deployment, the developers will continue the Nihongo training together with technical training which includes programming (code constructure), specification creation, test case generation, unit testing, and many more. The training also includes basic Japanese work etiquette to guide the developers in new environment and let them gain experience about Japanese culture.


Annually, the company celebrates its own Christmas party with the employees. This event will help the employees to get to know each other. The 2017 Christmas party was held at an events place in Makati. Games and raffles are some of the activities on the Christmas party which had various prizes to be won. There were also recognition awards given, like Female of the Night and Male of the Night. Like any other Christmas celebrations, exchanging gift is also done in the party.

GASC Team building and Company outing

The company conducts company outing every year which includes team building. This is to further strengthen the bond among the employees of the company, who believes that what will be gained from the team building will be a big help for the company and its employees. The benefits of this activity include the trust, cooperation, and effective communication that will be built amongst the employees. The last company outing was a 2-day team building activity held in Batangas. The actual team building activity was held on the first day and the following day was for the employees' free activity.

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