Green Advancedtech Solution Corp. is the Philippine corporation of Green System Corp., which has accumulated experience and track record of a number of system development in Japan.
Green System Corp. has a wide variety of customers such as automobile manufacturing, communications industries, education, medical and logistics and the industry is wide-ranging.
By responding to diverse customer needs, the resulting experience and know-how we will inherit them also here in Philippines. As your business partners in this information society, we aim to be a company that can provide a wide range of high added value.
What We Offer
Smartphone tablet development
The smartphone tablet which became indispensable to not only private but also the business scene in recent years. Our company participated in many projects for application development of Android or iOS, and gained a track record.
In numerous projects we experienced, have gotten even high evaluation from customers. We will continue to provide a better mobile applications from those results.
System development appropriate
for the customer needs

Our Company, based on your requests from the client, through to various system software requirements definition, design, development, testing and introduction and maintenance of, will provide technical solutions.
In addition, we will provide a development structure of project that meet the needs of our customers.
Excellent technological strength
We are enhancing the training system and have been training a large number of technical personnel.
In addition, having strengths such as system development of content management system (CMS) and automobile manufacturing, we are stacking a plurality of development results.
We will continue efforts with full force to the new technology, and also we will train high-quality technical personnel and make the offer to the customers.